Sunday, April 10, 2011

Yoga Weekends

jamaica 226 by Tea Time on the High Wire
jamaica 226, a photo by Tea Time on the High Wire on Flickr.

For the past six months it seems like I never accomplish anything on the weekends.  No elaborate shopping trips, hikes, dog walks, cleaning, excessive zombie game playing...  The reason behind this, is because I have been partaking in a 200 hour hatha-vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training program.  So, every second weekend I spend 14 hours at my favourite yoga studio learning about asanas (poses), breath awareness, meditation, philosophy, nutrition, anatomy, sequencing... Don't worry-we don't learn this all at once!  Throughout the week we are expected to also visit the studio and keep up with our own yoga practice, and glean incites from the experienced teachers.
There has definitely been an ebb in flow in the process.  Moments when I love what I am learning and doing, and other times when I feel disappointed, terrified, or burnt out.  I have to admit, I am feeling stronger in my yoga practice now, and I'm really looking forward to having the spare time to get back into my own yoga practice again.  Four weekends ago, Vytas and I went on a yoga retreat with Jamie Lee  from Montreal in Jamaica.  The week long retreat cemented my goals and desire to keep up a Mysore primary series yoga practice.  I simply loved going through the sequence on my own, without waiting for the teacher to tell me to move.  Unfortunately, my local yoga studios do not currently offer Mysore style yoga (unless I drive to TO, which is a big fat NO).

Today is Sunday, so I have another 5 hours of yoga TT (teacher training).  After of course, Vytas makes blueberry-banana vegan pancakes.

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