Monday, April 25, 2011

Long Weekend

Four days off to do nothing....  As soon as I have any time off, my mind goes into overload of possibilities.  So, on Friday V and I took the dogs on a brisk walk down Cootes (the marsh).  I wasn't expecting it to be so cold and windy though.  My intention was to shoot the last few photos on my holga with the use of various lens filters, so I could develop my first roll this week to see how my pictures turned out.  I need to find out how much my camera leaks light, and if I'm using the correct light settings/shutter speeds.  The walk worked up an appetite, so we headed off to the Indian buffet before going to a yin yang yoga class.

I woke up on saturday with the intention of going to yoga, but ended up doing a primary practice on my own at home.  I'm trying to learn all the sanskrit names of the poses, and remember various cues so I can eventually teach the series.  We then took the dogs for another quick walk because the weather was awesome today.  Windy, but so warm.  No coat needed.  We headed to the Horn of Plenty so I could pick up some supplies (chia seeds, kefir start kit, coconut milk, coconut water, humus), then off to my dad's show him the photos from Jamaica and give him his wood carving of a hibiscus.  Finally we drove to my favourite antique store where I picked up two records (Cat Stevens and Klaatu).  The photography store pulled its blinds down as we reached it, so I wasn't able to develop my 120 film.  I spent my Saturday night prepping my coconut kefir and watching Supernatural (season 2 on dvd).

Sunday morning I went to an early hot yin yang yoga class and sweated my butt off.  Then we headed off to V's parents house for an Easter get together.  Did some more dog walking after we stuffed ourselves then watched Game of Thrones!  Today's monday-so far my plans are to still try to develop my 120 film, book a hotel in Canmore for my sister's wedding in June, and call the Y to arrange our free yoga classes.

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