Thursday, April 21, 2011

Yoga Teacher Training Comes to an End... or Beginning?

I can't believe it's over!  Cliche maybe-but somehow I never expected it to come to a close.  There were so many moments when I was frustrated with myself, with the instructors, my body, my inability to verbally cue effectively.  After my community class that I taught a few weeks ago, everything seemed to come together for me.  I knew for about 6 months that I was going to be teaching a yoga class, and be evaluated on my language, sequence, adjustments, and personality.  I was so anxious for all of these 6 months thinking about 'performing.'  Anyway, as I stood in front of the class I just took a deep breath and told myself to take control over my nerves and get through it.  And I did!  (this seems so easy to talk about now-but try to imagine a profusely sweating, heart racing, dry mouthed spaz) I got such fabulous feedback-I was waiting for a slaughterfest to occur, but the criticism I received I was already aware of the areas that I needed to work on so it didn't upset me.  These areas are timing (making sure I don't speed up, and that both sides are equally timed), and more ease (which will come with experience).

The theme of my class was evoking your inner child, so I tried to sequence playful, fun poses.  At moments though, I had 4-5 people down in child's pose, because apparently my sequence was challenging.  It still gives me the warm fuzzies knowing that it was well received.  At other critiques I listened to people being told they lacked confidence, ability to use direct language, lack of instruction, quiet voices, and lack of personality.  It's a good feeling to know that people will remember something you taught.


I have sooo much time on my hands now.  That 14 plus hours every two weeks that I was training is over.  WOW.  So, my plans are to really embrace my own practice.  I love my ashtanga primary series, so I'm still going full steam ahead with that.  I have 2 weeks to use up my free class pass, so this long weekend I plan on hitting up 4 classes.  I've also been in touch with the YMCA, and I'm going to be volunteering once a week teaching a yoga class to get some experience.  The Y is desperate for teachers.  In the summer I'll be attending a David Swenson weekend workshop, and I really want to learn more about yin yoga and Iyengar.  There's so many more workshop and teachings to embrace.  A few weekends ago I went to a Simon Park workshop in Toronto at Downward Dog, and was amazed at the Prana Flow technique. 

Who would have known 9 years ago, that after my first hatha yoga class that yoga would have influenced my life so much. 



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