Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Obsessions

Okay-so my hair obsession has continued.  I am now regressing and thinking maybe I should just bob it even shorter as a buffer zone in between a pixie cut.

Also-I have finally made the big leap and purchased a Kindle e-reader (gen 3).  I haven't received it yet-the photo above is from Amazon.  However, I am sooo excited to get it.  I never thought I would get one, because of my dislike for all things techy (heh-but I also bought an Ipod not too long ago too).  But I think it's okay to embrace the new, while still keeping in touch with the past.  What I mean is, with my Ipod, I use it for it's portability (teaching yoga classes, plane trips ...), but I still love my record player and cd's in my car.  The same goes for my books.  I LOVE my books (I was an English major-I work at a bookstore, am certified to teach English in high school, not to mention my library stints).  That said, my books own me.  I have no space in my house for anything, because I have so many books-and I can't part with them.  Each and every one of them remind me of the time period when I read the book.  For example-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-I had braces, wore mini braids in my hair, phat pants, worked at the local library as the Teen Reading Programmer, first season of survivor (where I ate corn on the cob as I watched every episode), and had numerous boy troubles.

My expectations of the Kindle:

  • Spend less money on books
  • Read More
  • Less weight to carry around (since I bring at least one book to work with me, sometimes more)
  • Less space for traveling 
  • Will relieve some space issues in my house
I still expect that I will buy books though.  I enjoy hard cover books, and there's certain authors that I like to have their books (like Cassandra Clare, or Kelley Armstrong).

Anyway-I feel slightly nerdy about this e-book thing, and at the same time I also feel moderately hip.

Short bob with bangs   

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pixie Hair

Every so often I get a little hair crazy and want to cut off all my hair.  I'm really adoring the pixie hair cut right now.  My favourite is Michelle Williams 'do' that she has in the Interview magazine.  It's very Twiggy/Rosemary's Baby looking.  I never have a lot of options with my hair, because it's fine, and wavy.  Also, I've been doomed to have early white hairs sneaking in.  What to do... what to do....   I'm really thinking I should cut it.  Most people support it.  I feel comfortable with my face being exposed (one website suggested that you should be sure you are confident with your skin and face being the main focus).  I just think the pixie hair can look so youthful and light, and I get tired of lugging around my wavy, unpredictable mop.  I can only straighten my hair in the the really dry months, and yet it never looks really bouncy unless I put lots of product in to hold the curl.

So... Should I cut it?


Audrey Tautou
Michelle Williams
Kirsten Dunst
Carey Mulligan
Ginnifer Goodwin
Emily Browning

Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Music (To Me)

So, I've heard about this band for a while, but recently just sat down and started listening to it.  I'm enthralled.  Seriously.  I love music that defies its generation.  They're touring now, so I've grabbed tickets to see them in Toronto in August!  Now that I'm not spending a good majority of my time in yoga teacher training, I'm trying to practice my ukulele more.  I've learned some cool strumming latin and folk strumming techniques recently, and I'm still trying to perfect them.  Anyway, I definitely have some different music tastes.  I think it helps that I grew up with a musician.  My dad played in a band for over 30 years, and I listened to him practice every day in his bedroom.  I always wish I would have had more of an active interest in learning music, but he tried to encouraged me to go in a direction that was more practical.  Let it be known, that dropping out of my journalism program to go to art school was not his idea of practical.  If I ever have kids, I'm going to encourage them to do what they love.  As long as they have foods in their mouths and a roof over their heads, I don't care if they're traveling circus performers.  I think the worst thing that could ever happen would be if I had a child that wanted to get a degree in business.  ;P

Anyway-so this band is called Beirut.  Zach Condon is it's founder and song writer.  According to articles, he dropped out of high school and numerous colleges.  He's a self taught singer, plays numerous instruments, and considers himself a francophile.  The music has been labelled baltic folk-to me it evokes a mood, whether its joy or sadness, but it comes from within.  The music, although it is fantastical, has such a sense of realness to me.  I can envision myself dancing in a frenzy in a smokey bar, slightly intoxicated, trying to escape reality, and being surrounded by others who are doing the same.  Or perhaps I am outside, arms stretched wide, turning in circles while gazing at the night stars smelling the dew on the leaves, alcohol on the tongue, sweat on my skin.  Embracing the moment.


(These are all old interviews-haven't come across anything too recent)

Little Steps on Making the World a Healthier Place

Some of the things I have been doing lately to reduce my carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious were to set up a second rain barrel, and to order an organic food share from a local farm.  One of my friends recently had decided to challenge himself, and he's only buying local foods for the next year.  He became so depressed one day after going to Goodness Me to pick up a load of produce for the organic farm he's co-oping at, because after looking through the food he realized all the steps that need to happen for this food to grow and end up on our plates.  And here you have it, so much of it goes in the garbage anyway.  So, he didn't want to buy any foods that have to be shipped from overseas any longer.  Now, I am not doing that challenge (yet), but I am growing my own garden again this summer and I am contributing to my local farmers by getting a share.  I included some shots of my backyard, and of the food share I got last week.  It currently includes some imported organic goods until the growing season kicks in.  But, it should be noted that you can sign up for a local only share (but I really wanted to get some fruit in mine now, so I opted for some imports).  What's interesting about the food share is that is forces you to come up with new meal ideas.  Like two weeks ago I ended up with a ton of spinach-and I never eat spinach!  But I found a wonderful recipe that included olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and pine nuts-and now spinach is one of my favourite meals. 

Currently-it's raining again dammit!  So now planting just yet.  Last week I went to the RBG sale (Royal Botanical Gardens) and got some varieties of cone flowers and other perennials to put in the garden.  I tried to pick flowers with big blossoms (like iris) or that would spread and be bright.  I love colour.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diane Arbus and Analogue Obsessions

I've been obsessing over analogue photos lately.  In high school I took a separate art class that was dedicated to graphic arts, and had a photography component.  I loved spending lots of time in the darkroom-with the chemicals and red hazy light.  I loved enlarging my photos, trying to make them clear and exposing them so they had a perfect tone.  I've always been hesitant to progress when it comes to technology.  My first digital camera came in 2006, my first cell phone in 2007.  I remember using a typewriter in my first 2 years of university until I had enough money to buy a computer. I never used a computer at all throughout all of high school for research or typing out assignments.  That is a statement anyone born after the 80's in this area cannot make.  I remember getting my first cd player when I was in high school, giving up tape cassettes... Anyway, back to cameras.  I've been using digital for about 4 years, and I now want to go back to analogue.  I'm tired of instant gratification.  With digital you can snap as many photos as you want to get that perfect picture.  I like taking the time to photograph something with film-analyzing the composition.  I know I can take a good picture without the need of digital excess.  I've recently shot my first roll of 120 in my Holga, and I'm quite pleased.  I've seen a lot of disappointed remarks from people online-but I think they're not taking the time to really see through the plastic lens.  You also have to be aware of the light/aperature settings as well, which maybe are new to people.

So on to Diane Arbus.  I'm infatuated  with the life of artists-with the why's and how's.  She photographed the 'fringe' society of her time.  People who were not considered normal or status quo.  Not to sensationalize them, but I think to just show them in all honesty.  Some of the photos do appear like  fantastical-and they tell stories through the portraits of the people.  I just watched the imaginary documentary about Diane Arbus called Fur with Nicole Kidman.  I think Kidman did a great acting job, although I didn't find myself drawn into the story as I hoped too.  Perhaps it's a flick I'll have to watch a few times.    It did make me want to walk around with a camera that has a huge ass flash on it though.

Friday, May 6, 2011


I am hoping that eventually my blog will not be about my weekend plans.  But-since it's friday yet again (boy is the work week long), I feel the need to purge my happiness in the things I'd like to do.  If the weather stays nice, beginning to tidy up the garden is in order.  This year I want to organize it a bit more, and even start a square foot garden.  I want to hit the trails with the dogs and my holga.  The first roller derby bout of the season is saturday evening, so I'd like to go to that.  Mother's Day is on Sunday, so there will be a trip to V's parents for food.  I received two books in the mail today-both by author L.J Smith.  O.k-I know I'm in my 30's and have a bloody English degree and a teaching certificate for English-but sometimes I just like to read easy teen books and zone out! 

On another note, I recently did a trip to the library and took out a few movies.  One is 'Howl,' that I watched last night.  It's about Allen Gingsberg's poem.  It's an interesting flick, and I recommend it.  The entire film is about the court case involving Ferlinghetti's City Lights Publishing, and whether or not the poem is considered obscene.  There's a lot of debate in the film about what makes something a piece of academic literature, and what has staying power.  I really enjoyed the animation that pops up throughout the movie illustrating 'Howl.'  I have two more flicks to watch-'Fur' which is about the photographer Diane Arbus, and 'Georgia O'Keeffe.'  I guess you could say I have this thing about artists-whether it's a painter, poet, or musician.  I am drawn to it-there's something deep inside that connects with the romanticism, devastation, torment, the wonder, the passion, the unknown.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Sanctuary

I love this video and felt compelled to share it.  Since I work with people on a daily basis, I thrive on the quiet of the weekend.  Things that I like to do when I'm alone are: read, play my ukulele and sing out loud, write letters, watch bad t.v (like this weekend I got the Vampire Diaries from the library), snuggle with the dogs.

It's raining again today, so I'm not sure what I'll get up to.  I had planned on going on a long hike with the dogs with my holga camera.  I also wanted to plan out my garden.  Right now I'm continuing my Vampire Diaries marathon.  It's weird-I remember reading this trilogy when I was in grade 8 (like almost 20 years ago)-I loved it.  I loved even more-the Secret Circle, L.J Smith's witch series.  I somehow have an issue that Elena's hair is dark-I expected her hair to be like pale, and her eyes to be that cornflower blue.  Small details, but something that sticks out.

Yesterday V and I got up early and went to Green Venture 's Rain Barrel sale at the local college.  They has truck loads of rain barrel's for half price.  We already have one in our yard, but last year found moments when it was dry.  It's great for watering your garden.  Check out the benefits and how to's-

  • Free rainwater = lower water bills 
  • Reduce energy used by municipalities to treat and pump potable water and sewage 
  • Soft, chlorine-free water for greener gardens 
  • Help direct water away from foundations 
  • Reduce storm run-off into local creeks and the harbour 
  • Watering plants with luke-warm water reduces shock and damping-off of transplants 
  • Use rainwater to wash your car soft rain water doesn't leave spots when you rinse 
  • Conserve water during hot, dry summer months 
  • Fine-meshed screens prevent mosquito population growth and capture debris 
(cited from Green Venture)

Yesterday it was so nice out!  V and I went to the Flow Circus Jam, a group we're apart of through an organization called FreeSkool.  We meet every two weeks at the community centre, and in the summer at the park.  We bring our flowtoys-hula hoops, poi, flow wands, staff etc... and jam out and share our tricks.  Discussions yesterday were about how to continue to facilitate the group, not wanting the responsibility on one person.  V and I are also going to introduce yoga before the jam, and lead people through a class.

Anyway-rain, rain go away!!