Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diane Arbus and Analogue Obsessions

I've been obsessing over analogue photos lately.  In high school I took a separate art class that was dedicated to graphic arts, and had a photography component.  I loved spending lots of time in the darkroom-with the chemicals and red hazy light.  I loved enlarging my photos, trying to make them clear and exposing them so they had a perfect tone.  I've always been hesitant to progress when it comes to technology.  My first digital camera came in 2006, my first cell phone in 2007.  I remember using a typewriter in my first 2 years of university until I had enough money to buy a computer. I never used a computer at all throughout all of high school for research or typing out assignments.  That is a statement anyone born after the 80's in this area cannot make.  I remember getting my first cd player when I was in high school, giving up tape cassettes... Anyway, back to cameras.  I've been using digital for about 4 years, and I now want to go back to analogue.  I'm tired of instant gratification.  With digital you can snap as many photos as you want to get that perfect picture.  I like taking the time to photograph something with film-analyzing the composition.  I know I can take a good picture without the need of digital excess.  I've recently shot my first roll of 120 in my Holga, and I'm quite pleased.  I've seen a lot of disappointed remarks from people online-but I think they're not taking the time to really see through the plastic lens.  You also have to be aware of the light/aperature settings as well, which maybe are new to people.

So on to Diane Arbus.  I'm infatuated  with the life of artists-with the why's and how's.  She photographed the 'fringe' society of her time.  People who were not considered normal or status quo.  Not to sensationalize them, but I think to just show them in all honesty.  Some of the photos do appear like  fantastical-and they tell stories through the portraits of the people.  I just watched the imaginary documentary about Diane Arbus called Fur with Nicole Kidman.  I think Kidman did a great acting job, although I didn't find myself drawn into the story as I hoped too.  Perhaps it's a flick I'll have to watch a few times.    It did make me want to walk around with a camera that has a huge ass flash on it though.

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