Sunday, May 15, 2011

Little Steps on Making the World a Healthier Place

Some of the things I have been doing lately to reduce my carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious were to set up a second rain barrel, and to order an organic food share from a local farm.  One of my friends recently had decided to challenge himself, and he's only buying local foods for the next year.  He became so depressed one day after going to Goodness Me to pick up a load of produce for the organic farm he's co-oping at, because after looking through the food he realized all the steps that need to happen for this food to grow and end up on our plates.  And here you have it, so much of it goes in the garbage anyway.  So, he didn't want to buy any foods that have to be shipped from overseas any longer.  Now, I am not doing that challenge (yet), but I am growing my own garden again this summer and I am contributing to my local farmers by getting a share.  I included some shots of my backyard, and of the food share I got last week.  It currently includes some imported organic goods until the growing season kicks in.  But, it should be noted that you can sign up for a local only share (but I really wanted to get some fruit in mine now, so I opted for some imports).  What's interesting about the food share is that is forces you to come up with new meal ideas.  Like two weeks ago I ended up with a ton of spinach-and I never eat spinach!  But I found a wonderful recipe that included olive oil, lemon juice, garlic and pine nuts-and now spinach is one of my favourite meals. 

Currently-it's raining again dammit!  So now planting just yet.  Last week I went to the RBG sale (Royal Botanical Gardens) and got some varieties of cone flowers and other perennials to put in the garden.  I tried to pick flowers with big blossoms (like iris) or that would spread and be bright.  I love colour.

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