Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Music (To Me)

So, I've heard about this band for a while, but recently just sat down and started listening to it.  I'm enthralled.  Seriously.  I love music that defies its generation.  They're touring now, so I've grabbed tickets to see them in Toronto in August!  Now that I'm not spending a good majority of my time in yoga teacher training, I'm trying to practice my ukulele more.  I've learned some cool strumming latin and folk strumming techniques recently, and I'm still trying to perfect them.  Anyway, I definitely have some different music tastes.  I think it helps that I grew up with a musician.  My dad played in a band for over 30 years, and I listened to him practice every day in his bedroom.  I always wish I would have had more of an active interest in learning music, but he tried to encouraged me to go in a direction that was more practical.  Let it be known, that dropping out of my journalism program to go to art school was not his idea of practical.  If I ever have kids, I'm going to encourage them to do what they love.  As long as they have foods in their mouths and a roof over their heads, I don't care if they're traveling circus performers.  I think the worst thing that could ever happen would be if I had a child that wanted to get a degree in business.  ;P

Anyway-so this band is called Beirut.  Zach Condon is it's founder and song writer.  According to articles, he dropped out of high school and numerous colleges.  He's a self taught singer, plays numerous instruments, and considers himself a francophile.  The music has been labelled baltic folk-to me it evokes a mood, whether its joy or sadness, but it comes from within.  The music, although it is fantastical, has such a sense of realness to me.  I can envision myself dancing in a frenzy in a smokey bar, slightly intoxicated, trying to escape reality, and being surrounded by others who are doing the same.  Or perhaps I am outside, arms stretched wide, turning in circles while gazing at the night stars smelling the dew on the leaves, alcohol on the tongue, sweat on my skin.  Embracing the moment.


(These are all old interviews-haven't come across anything too recent)

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