Saturday, May 21, 2011

Pixie Hair

Every so often I get a little hair crazy and want to cut off all my hair.  I'm really adoring the pixie hair cut right now.  My favourite is Michelle Williams 'do' that she has in the Interview magazine.  It's very Twiggy/Rosemary's Baby looking.  I never have a lot of options with my hair, because it's fine, and wavy.  Also, I've been doomed to have early white hairs sneaking in.  What to do... what to do....   I'm really thinking I should cut it.  Most people support it.  I feel comfortable with my face being exposed (one website suggested that you should be sure you are confident with your skin and face being the main focus).  I just think the pixie hair can look so youthful and light, and I get tired of lugging around my wavy, unpredictable mop.  I can only straighten my hair in the the really dry months, and yet it never looks really bouncy unless I put lots of product in to hold the curl.

So... Should I cut it?


Audrey Tautou
Michelle Williams
Kirsten Dunst
Carey Mulligan
Ginnifer Goodwin
Emily Browning


  1. Hello! I randomly came across this page when searching for a new haircut. I see you went ahead with your own pixie cut - it looks great! Congratulations! And you inspired me too. =)

  2. Oh cool! I'm still rocking the pixie cut-not even close to being tired of it yet. I hope you love your new cut too!