Sunday, May 1, 2011

Weekend Sanctuary

I love this video and felt compelled to share it.  Since I work with people on a daily basis, I thrive on the quiet of the weekend.  Things that I like to do when I'm alone are: read, play my ukulele and sing out loud, write letters, watch bad t.v (like this weekend I got the Vampire Diaries from the library), snuggle with the dogs.

It's raining again today, so I'm not sure what I'll get up to.  I had planned on going on a long hike with the dogs with my holga camera.  I also wanted to plan out my garden.  Right now I'm continuing my Vampire Diaries marathon.  It's weird-I remember reading this trilogy when I was in grade 8 (like almost 20 years ago)-I loved it.  I loved even more-the Secret Circle, L.J Smith's witch series.  I somehow have an issue that Elena's hair is dark-I expected her hair to be like pale, and her eyes to be that cornflower blue.  Small details, but something that sticks out.

Yesterday V and I got up early and went to Green Venture 's Rain Barrel sale at the local college.  They has truck loads of rain barrel's for half price.  We already have one in our yard, but last year found moments when it was dry.  It's great for watering your garden.  Check out the benefits and how to's-

  • Free rainwater = lower water bills 
  • Reduce energy used by municipalities to treat and pump potable water and sewage 
  • Soft, chlorine-free water for greener gardens 
  • Help direct water away from foundations 
  • Reduce storm run-off into local creeks and the harbour 
  • Watering plants with luke-warm water reduces shock and damping-off of transplants 
  • Use rainwater to wash your car soft rain water doesn't leave spots when you rinse 
  • Conserve water during hot, dry summer months 
  • Fine-meshed screens prevent mosquito population growth and capture debris 
(cited from Green Venture)

Yesterday it was so nice out!  V and I went to the Flow Circus Jam, a group we're apart of through an organization called FreeSkool.  We meet every two weeks at the community centre, and in the summer at the park.  We bring our flowtoys-hula hoops, poi, flow wands, staff etc... and jam out and share our tricks.  Discussions yesterday were about how to continue to facilitate the group, not wanting the responsibility on one person.  V and I are also going to introduce yoga before the jam, and lead people through a class.

Anyway-rain, rain go away!!

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  1. I've seen this video making the rounds and looooove it! If I don't get a bit of alone time every day I start to feel crazy :)