Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekly Obsessions

Okay-so my hair obsession has continued.  I am now regressing and thinking maybe I should just bob it even shorter as a buffer zone in between a pixie cut.

Also-I have finally made the big leap and purchased a Kindle e-reader (gen 3).  I haven't received it yet-the photo above is from Amazon.  However, I am sooo excited to get it.  I never thought I would get one, because of my dislike for all things techy (heh-but I also bought an Ipod not too long ago too).  But I think it's okay to embrace the new, while still keeping in touch with the past.  What I mean is, with my Ipod, I use it for it's portability (teaching yoga classes, plane trips ...), but I still love my record player and cd's in my car.  The same goes for my books.  I LOVE my books (I was an English major-I work at a bookstore, am certified to teach English in high school, not to mention my library stints).  That said, my books own me.  I have no space in my house for anything, because I have so many books-and I can't part with them.  Each and every one of them remind me of the time period when I read the book.  For example-Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone-I had braces, wore mini braids in my hair, phat pants, worked at the local library as the Teen Reading Programmer, first season of survivor (where I ate corn on the cob as I watched every episode), and had numerous boy troubles.

My expectations of the Kindle:

  • Spend less money on books
  • Read More
  • Less weight to carry around (since I bring at least one book to work with me, sometimes more)
  • Less space for traveling 
  • Will relieve some space issues in my house
I still expect that I will buy books though.  I enjoy hard cover books, and there's certain authors that I like to have their books (like Cassandra Clare, or Kelley Armstrong).

Anyway-I feel slightly nerdy about this e-book thing, and at the same time I also feel moderately hip.

Short bob with bangs   

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  1. I just cut my hair short and I love love love it. It's so much easier! I say go for it.

    Lovely photos :)