Friday, May 6, 2011


I am hoping that eventually my blog will not be about my weekend plans.  But-since it's friday yet again (boy is the work week long), I feel the need to purge my happiness in the things I'd like to do.  If the weather stays nice, beginning to tidy up the garden is in order.  This year I want to organize it a bit more, and even start a square foot garden.  I want to hit the trails with the dogs and my holga.  The first roller derby bout of the season is saturday evening, so I'd like to go to that.  Mother's Day is on Sunday, so there will be a trip to V's parents for food.  I received two books in the mail today-both by author L.J Smith.  O.k-I know I'm in my 30's and have a bloody English degree and a teaching certificate for English-but sometimes I just like to read easy teen books and zone out! 

On another note, I recently did a trip to the library and took out a few movies.  One is 'Howl,' that I watched last night.  It's about Allen Gingsberg's poem.  It's an interesting flick, and I recommend it.  The entire film is about the court case involving Ferlinghetti's City Lights Publishing, and whether or not the poem is considered obscene.  There's a lot of debate in the film about what makes something a piece of academic literature, and what has staying power.  I really enjoyed the animation that pops up throughout the movie illustrating 'Howl.'  I have two more flicks to watch-'Fur' which is about the photographer Diane Arbus, and 'Georgia O'Keeffe.'  I guess you could say I have this thing about artists-whether it's a painter, poet, or musician.  I am drawn to it-there's something deep inside that connects with the romanticism, devastation, torment, the wonder, the passion, the unknown.

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