Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost holidays

Currently I am reloading my ipod with new cds for my trip out west.  In two days I'm flying to Calgary for my younger sister's wedding.  I'm hoping to do a ton of relaxing out there-lots of hiking and photo taking.  I want to see the dinosaur park, and maybe hit a hot spring.  We're staying right near the rockies, so there should be some amazing scenery.  I'm sure it will reinforce my will to want to move out into the vast wilderness again.  I always have my Yukon dream at the back of my head.

It feels like I haven't done much lately.  But, I have been commuting to Toronto twice a week for my Poi class.  I've been weeding and planting in our backyard.  I've been enjoying my kindle on a daily basis.  I also have been doing a little self indulging shopping since I cut my hair (which I still bleeding love by the way!!).  I've bought three new dresses, a sweater, poncho, and a large locket necklace.  Today I switched my cell phone plan over to Wind-a 15 dollar a month plan rather than 38 with stinking Rogers.  Yeah!  Also, I paid off two of my smaller student loans, leaving me quite broke, but hopefully I should have my larger loans completely paid off within 2 years!  I've also been taking a ton of photos-and I really want to take some analogue pictures out west.  I hate traveling with film though, so I might just take my cameras with me, and attempt to buy film there so I don't have to have it scanned at the airport.

1. My new Kindle and Tea (currently reading the Iron Queen.  I'm really into fae lit lately)
2. and 3.  Driving into Toronto during a storm for Poi class
4. Willow taking a big yawn
5.  Willow and Mahjong catching some rays on the back deck.


  1. Your pets are so cute :) I am so dog crazy lately, so forgive me if I weirdly lurk over your dog photos. Mahjong is such a funny pet name, I love it!

  2. I have yet to meet another dog named Mahjong-sometimes people cannot pronounce it though, or think it's french. I should really post videos of him-because he looks so sweet, but he can be a hilarious little demon as well.