Saturday, June 11, 2011

Among Other Things...Hair Obsession Now Subsided

Phew!  Glad that is over with.  I want to dedicate this post to all the girls/women who want to cut their hair short, but are too scared.  Do it!  Who gives a shit about what other people think-what your husband thinks-if you stand out amongst your peers.  I have wanted to cut my hair off for years-actually, for more than a decade!  I love how it looks elf-like, and even androgynous.  I feel youthful with it short.  Forget about that whole ideal about looking feminine with long hair only.  My advice for cutting your hair short-make sure you take pictures with you to the hair dressers!  I brought in 4 different photos today, all of a very similar cut (actually, 3 out of the 4 were of Michelle Williams, because I think she looks fab with short hair).  Understandably though, it can be hard to cut it off when most of the people you talk to shake their head and say, 'Well... I like long hair.' Or, 'No, I like your hair exactly like it is.'  I'm one of those people who has no problem once their mind is set on it, to cut a bunch of hair off at once. 

Yeah!  It's gone. 

On another note.  I realize I haven't posted in a few weeks.  Life has gotten in the way.  I've been feeling really tired lately, and even sleep on my lunch hour at work!  I've been having bad boughts of insomnia, which have been lasting months.  I don't think I sleep more than an hour at a time most nights, and the bloody dogs wake me up every morning at 4 am.  Seriously.

Also, I have been doing some other activities.  I registered for an online class with Susannah Conway called Unravelling.  It's a photography and writing course that allows you to spend time analyzing yourself.  I've been enjoying the photos, but haven't managed to get to the writing yet.  Last week I started taking a course in Toronto with Nick Woolsey, who's an amazing poi spinner.  Twice a week for 4 weeks I'll be commuting to the horrendous city to experience some eye opening poi techniques.  Poi can be really challenging and frustrating to learn, however I have not had one freak out yet!  Nick actually has us doing various body movements without the poi at some times, just to get used to moving in certain ways, and training our brains to allow our bodies to do two separate movements at the same time. 

So, it's the weekend. My plans are:

haircut (Check!)
Plant our veggie garden
read more of the Iron King and start Iron Daughter
Walk the dogs
Watch Game of Thrones
Practice Poi


  1. You look a lot like Michelle Williams, actually! I think your haircut is so adorable! I love it. I recently had super long hair but cut it to shoulder length, and now I'm going in this weekend to get a bob, because I love having shorter now! It is so easy to do things with and so light :) You look so pretty and I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Thanks so much for the comment-I've been so happy with my short hair-the glee has not worn off yet! It is however, time for a trim I think.