Thursday, July 14, 2011

Final Chapter of Harry Potter

I love HP by Tea Time on the High Wire
I love HP, a photo by Tea Time on the High Wire on Flickr.

Tonight Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be played at midnight at select theatres.  I'm not going, but I'm contemplating going to the Starlight Drive-In tomorrow night so I can watch both parts back to back!  Like I said, 'contemplating.'  I hate crowds, and also wouldn't get any 3d affects if I go to the drive-in.  I'm actually a little excited about the movie coming out.  I first remember hearing about the books.  I was working at the local town library as the teen reading coordinator, and saw one of my co-workers reading an article about the next Harry Potter book coming out (might have been Chamber of Secrets).  Back then, it didn't seem to have the huge hype is has now.  I walked over to the indie bookstore run by a older British lady, who tipped her glasses and  looked down at me over the lenses as she told me that the books 'weren't her thing.'  I read the book pretty fast, enjoyed it, and continued to keep reading the series.  The Prisoner of Azkaban really won me over.   Anyway-I love the Harry Potter hype.  Maybe I will start to re-read the books, and also listen to the last book that I have on cd.

 Luna Lovegood Quibbler Necklace!

 Luna Raddish and Butterbear Cork necklace

 Platform 9 3/4

 Deathly Hallows

 Harry Potter book protector

 Golden Snitch

Here are a few gems I've also bought off Etsy!  Check them out.

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  1. I love the golden snitch earrings - how original! Looking forward to seeing the film!