Sunday, July 24, 2011

Getting Crafty with Analogue

Last weekend I decided to make a frame so I could display my instax mini photo's I've been taking.  I saw the idea on  One Sheepish Girl's blog post, who got her idea from Talia Christine's blog.  I tackled the job by taking one of my old canvas frames from art school, and taking the canvas off.  I spray painted the wood outside (note: do not spray paint when windy, it is a pain in the butt!).  Next, I bought a picture hanging kit and screwed in hooks along the sides, and used hemp twine to string across.

I have been thinking about doing the 52 week challenge with the instax mini, but haven't totally dedicated myself yet (maybe today I will), so I haven't labelled any of my photos yet.  Most of them were taken in the rockies when I was away at my sister's wedding.

Also, last weekend I decided I wanted to start drawing and painting again, so I went to the local art supply store and bought myself some water colour pencil crayons that I have always wanted, a moleskin type drawing notebook, two paint brushes and a small pen.  I have yet to draw in the book, but I'm saving it for my next week off which is coming up the beginning of August!

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