Sunday, July 10, 2011

Week in Review

On Monday V and I did our Lake Louise Gondola trip where we saw 2 grizzly's and a black bear.  We had a buffet lunch there, and then did our 6 hour hike at Lake Louise to the Lake Agnes Teahouse, Little Beehive and Plain of 6 Glaciers.  We had a late dinner at Melissa's Restaurant.

Tuesday was a day of travel, driving back to Calgary at 4 am, keeping a close eye for crossing animals.  Flew into Hamilton for noon (but was 10 am Calgary time).  After a power nap, and being reacquainted with the angry kitties, we walked over to V's house for his 32nd b-day dinner!  I gave V a Kobo reader for his present (touch screen).  We ate chinese food, then brought the dogs back home.

Wednesday we both loafed and rested, and then started to attack the basement, with removing a desk and bringing in a new desk and organization shelf.  We did lots of cleaning and purging.  Later V went to his soccer game, and I went and picked up some needed groceries, and checked out two of my holds at the library: Twin Peaks and Everything is Illuminated .  I also had two parcels arrive in the mail: Science of Sleep and a book I won through called Never Knowing .  The book is a psychological thriller, which isn't really my reading style, but I'll give it a shot.

Thursday-I decided to tackle my hoarding problem with collecting clothes.  Seriously, I'm sure people see me all the time and wonder why I am wearing the same clothes-when in fact I have I have 2 closets filled with 5 bins of clothes, plus more hanging.  I also have an obscene vintage coat collection I cannot part with.  I filled 2 garbage bags with clothes to drop off at value village.

Friday- Is my do nothing day pretty much.  I watered the garden, planted some sunflower and asparagus seeds, read outside, wrote in my journal, and hugged all the animals as they slept.  Dropped off 120 film at Henry's, bought Instax film, hit up Starbucks, went to Michael's to buy a corkboard.

Sat/Sunday-Tonight I'm looking forward to watching True Blood!!  It's boiling outside today, so I may not be doing much.   I did some yoga this morning, and really need to snap some photos for my Unraveling course.  I think I'm going to make a special frame for my Instax photos.
 (This is a photo of Bodhi.  He was hiding in the goldfish shower curtain, as we washed the dogs because they had rolled in something smelly again in the backyard).


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    have a nice days

  2. Lovely photos - how amazing to get so close to bear! (close enough to take a photo I mean, not close enough to be eaten!);-)

  3. Thanks AC-I was actually sitting in a sky chair lift at the time, so there was no fear. But once we got to the top of the mountain, the park staff didn't want us walking around in case the bears 'jumped out' of the bushes.

  4. Thanks Fashion Berries-I'll definitely check out your blog!