Saturday, October 15, 2011

Weekly Obsessions

It's a very windy, wet saturday evening.  I'm drinking hot apple cider and watching anime episodes of Supernatural.  So, this week I have continued my obsession with Harry Potter.  I've come across things that I never knew existed, like wizard rock (wrock), mass quidditch games, and Harry Potter conventions.  I wish I knew more about these things before the end of the Potter movies and books, but of well.  I still have the beginnings of Pottermore, and I've been harassing the bf to take a journey to Florida so we can go to the Wizarding World of HP at Universal. 

I have actually started to re-read the HP books now, and I'm currently on the Philosopher's Stone.  On a second note, I've also started to obsess about D & D and role playing.  I've always had a desire to play D & D games (I actually have 2 d&d games in the basement), but have never been able to find people to play with.  I'd love to get into it now-but still have the same problem.  I think I might purchase a new video game tomorrow-Alice the Madness Returns.  It looks like a lot of fun-quite eerie. I'm excited for tomorrow night too-the 2nd season of the Walking Dead comes on!  Yeah zombies!

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  1. Oh apple cider makes me euphoric! I just started watching The Walking Dead - can't wait to see the new episode.