Saturday, February 25, 2012

For the Love of Doctor Who

 The Doctor Who Scarf

Keep Calm and Call the Doctor

Tardis Hat

Tardis Scarf

Car Decal

Empty Child

I've only recently developed an obsession with Doctor Who.  I'm currently on season three, and am still mourning the loss of Rose (Aka Billy Piper)-what a tear jerker that episode was (sorry for anyone who hasn't yet watched the show!!).  I love David Tennant as the Doctor, maybe even more than Christopher Eccleston.  I'm really hoping there will be some Whovian convention in Toronto or something to solidify my obsession.  I did find a group that meets up in TO, but that's too far away for me to get to just to have some tea.  I remember when I was really little, and Doctor Who used to come on t.v., and it scared the life out of me!  The intense music and the strange man with the scarf-not to mention the Daleks.  Anyway, I am currently knitting my own DW scarf right now.  It's pretty easy, except that I keep zoning out and making mistakes, and then I have to go back and frog a big section.  sigh.  Knitting.

Who is your favourite Doctor and/or episode?

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animal Lovin'

These pictures are from about two weeks ago.  They include the special peanut butter dog cupcakes that V's mom purchased at a local bakery, and the Dr. Seuss t-shirts I picked up at universal.  The t-shirts are perfect for the dogs, because they represent Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat-the crazy little devils that destroyed the house!  Not that they destroy my house (anymore), but we still refer to them as the naughty children.  I didn't have a chance at snapping a decent picture of them eating, it literally took them 5 seconds to wolf down the 'pupcakes.' 

In other news, Margie is home now from the vet.  We're supposed to make sure she's rested for the next 10-14 days so she heals up from the spay.  She's already almost fallen off the cat tree twice now in the living room.  She's a rambunctious kitty!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Spay Succcess!

Margie has her exploratory surgery today, and the vet discovered that she was not spayed at all!  She was in full blown heat.  The scar that was previously found must be from an injury she had. :(  Margie did well in surgery, and it recovering at the vet's overnight.  V and I will pick her up tomorrow after work.  Fingers crossed-no more marking in the house!! 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fostering Isn't All That Honky Dory

I knew that when I decided to foster that things could be difficult.  But I never expected to experience what I am going through now.  Kudos to all animal fosters!! Our little Ann-Margaret, who has already been spayed, is in heat.  Yup.  It can happen.  Last week on Thursday morning I noticed that she developed a really strange meow, more of a yowl.  V and I discussed it, and thought maybe it was because she wanted the wet cat food we call 'kitty crack.'  We thought that until the following day, when Margie started to roll around on the floor, sticking her bum in the air, and excessively marking things in the house.  I cannot believe how much pee we have cleaned up in under a week.  Right now Margie is barricaded in the downstairs bathroom until we take her in for exploratory surgery to see if she has any tissue or ovaries left over from her first spay.  Sigh.  Poor girl.  It's frustrating, because she's such a lovely girl.  Yet she's making such a mess!  Our house smells like a hippie haven, with incense and candles burning.  Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they find something when we take her in.  Apparently this is the 4th spayed cat that has gone into heat in the past 30 days that the rescue has dealt with!  grrr.

 (psst. that's Margie in my new thrifted sewing/knitting cabinet!).

Here's a little video of Margie doing some moderate yowling (it gets much worse than this, believe me!).

Update-Margie is currently at the vet awaiting an exploratory surgery.  

Monday, February 20, 2012

Having Fun With Photo Editing

I don't know what took me so long, but I finally started to design some buttons for my blog!  I am hoping that when I am off work for 3 months, that I can write more in my blog (and maybe even do some vlogging!).  What do you think?  Which is your favourite?

I've forgotten how much fun it is to edit photos!  I did these ones free with picnik (, but their website is closing this April.  It looks like they are moving over to google+. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loafing and t.v watching.

Yeah!  Everyone loves an extra day off work.  So far I've done some major loafing and indulging, that involves eating veggie burgers at Harvey's, and eating some vegan brownies and chocolate banana loaf from Goodness Me.  V and I joke that it should be called 'Badness Me,' because whenever we go there, I purchase all sorts of unhealthy treats like pakoras, vegan brownies, somosas etc... You get the idea.  I have done a bit of yoga-some modified primary series, and plan on doing some yin yoga later on.  A few days ago I watched a movie called Eagles Vs Shark-which I bloody love!  I've spent the last few days imitating Jemaine's kiwi accent and reciting things from the movie like:

"Fool.  You fool sucka!"
"I almost went as a shark, but realized an eagle was better." 

There's also been some other sayings, like V and I keep calling each other 'cockholes' now and laughing hysterically.  You just have to watch the film.  I've even ordered the soundtrack off ebay (couldn't get it off amazon) because it's so grand.

Since I watched the flick, I've got back into Flight of the Conchords, and I'm almost done season 1.  I'm kinda bummed now that I didn't get tickets when they played in TO a while back, and I hope they tour again. 

For other news, I'm counting down until I am unemployed.  7 more working days to go!  I've been making lists of things that I need to do while I'm off, so I don't turn into a total couch potato.  Although, there will be some potatoing going on.  I do plan on watching all of Doctor Who (currently on season 3), Battlestar Galactica (all box set), Downton Abbey.  Since I'm on the topic of t.v., I am very satisfied with my t.v schedule right now.  That involves:  Survivor (which I am upset that the girl I connected with the most broke her wrist and is off the show), Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Walking Dead, and Once Upon A Time.  Spartacus is also back on-I'm sad that Andy Whitfield passed away, and am trying to accept the replacement.  The first episode topped all violence and sex in the previous shows-but I like the show for its over the top scenes. 

So, tonight will be filled with knitting my DW scarf, Walking Dead, and maybe some Carcassone playing.  Hmmm.. maybe I should level up my bounty hunter now. :)

Enjoy your weekend!