Thursday, February 23, 2012

Animal Lovin'

These pictures are from about two weeks ago.  They include the special peanut butter dog cupcakes that V's mom purchased at a local bakery, and the Dr. Seuss t-shirts I picked up at universal.  The t-shirts are perfect for the dogs, because they represent Thing 1 and Thing 2 from the Cat in the Hat-the crazy little devils that destroyed the house!  Not that they destroy my house (anymore), but we still refer to them as the naughty children.  I didn't have a chance at snapping a decent picture of them eating, it literally took them 5 seconds to wolf down the 'pupcakes.' 

In other news, Margie is home now from the vet.  We're supposed to make sure she's rested for the next 10-14 days so she heals up from the spay.  She's already almost fallen off the cat tree twice now in the living room.  She's a rambunctious kitty!


  1. Those t-shirts are adorable! And peanut butter dog cupcakes?! Wow, what lucky little doggies!

    Katie x

  2. Such cute doggie t shirts! My nephews have child versions and their dad has one that says "King of All the Things". Adorable!