Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fostering Isn't All That Honky Dory

I knew that when I decided to foster that things could be difficult.  But I never expected to experience what I am going through now.  Kudos to all animal fosters!! Our little Ann-Margaret, who has already been spayed, is in heat.  Yup.  It can happen.  Last week on Thursday morning I noticed that she developed a really strange meow, more of a yowl.  V and I discussed it, and thought maybe it was because she wanted the wet cat food we call 'kitty crack.'  We thought that until the following day, when Margie started to roll around on the floor, sticking her bum in the air, and excessively marking things in the house.  I cannot believe how much pee we have cleaned up in under a week.  Right now Margie is barricaded in the downstairs bathroom until we take her in for exploratory surgery to see if she has any tissue or ovaries left over from her first spay.  Sigh.  Poor girl.  It's frustrating, because she's such a lovely girl.  Yet she's making such a mess!  Our house smells like a hippie haven, with incense and candles burning.  Anyway, I'm keeping my fingers crossed they find something when we take her in.  Apparently this is the 4th spayed cat that has gone into heat in the past 30 days that the rescue has dealt with!  grrr.

 (psst. that's Margie in my new thrifted sewing/knitting cabinet!).

Here's a little video of Margie doing some moderate yowling (it gets much worse than this, believe me!).

Update-Margie is currently at the vet awaiting an exploratory surgery.  

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