Sunday, February 19, 2012

Loafing and t.v watching.

Yeah!  Everyone loves an extra day off work.  So far I've done some major loafing and indulging, that involves eating veggie burgers at Harvey's, and eating some vegan brownies and chocolate banana loaf from Goodness Me.  V and I joke that it should be called 'Badness Me,' because whenever we go there, I purchase all sorts of unhealthy treats like pakoras, vegan brownies, somosas etc... You get the idea.  I have done a bit of yoga-some modified primary series, and plan on doing some yin yoga later on.  A few days ago I watched a movie called Eagles Vs Shark-which I bloody love!  I've spent the last few days imitating Jemaine's kiwi accent and reciting things from the movie like:

"Fool.  You fool sucka!"
"I almost went as a shark, but realized an eagle was better." 

There's also been some other sayings, like V and I keep calling each other 'cockholes' now and laughing hysterically.  You just have to watch the film.  I've even ordered the soundtrack off ebay (couldn't get it off amazon) because it's so grand.

Since I watched the flick, I've got back into Flight of the Conchords, and I'm almost done season 1.  I'm kinda bummed now that I didn't get tickets when they played in TO a while back, and I hope they tour again. 

For other news, I'm counting down until I am unemployed.  7 more working days to go!  I've been making lists of things that I need to do while I'm off, so I don't turn into a total couch potato.  Although, there will be some potatoing going on.  I do plan on watching all of Doctor Who (currently on season 3), Battlestar Galactica (all box set), Downton Abbey.  Since I'm on the topic of t.v., I am very satisfied with my t.v schedule right now.  That involves:  Survivor (which I am upset that the girl I connected with the most broke her wrist and is off the show), Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, Walking Dead, and Once Upon A Time.  Spartacus is also back on-I'm sad that Andy Whitfield passed away, and am trying to accept the replacement.  The first episode topped all violence and sex in the previous shows-but I like the show for its over the top scenes. 

So, tonight will be filled with knitting my DW scarf, Walking Dead, and maybe some Carcassone playing.  Hmmm.. maybe I should level up my bounty hunter now. :)

Enjoy your weekend!

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