Monday, March 19, 2012

Acro Yoga? Why Not?!

Above is a picture of me from a trip to Costa Rica a few years ago at Montezuma.  I did yoga in the jungle every day for a week.  It was crazy.  Crazy hot.  Crazy jungle howler monkey sounds.  Crazy exhausting.  But I loved it.  As you know, I have been off work since March 1.  I have been keeping up with doing yoga every day.  I may not do a crazy asana practice every day, but I make it to my mat.  I've actually been quite sore for the past two weeks, using muscles that have been dormant for a while.  This week it is my inner thighs.  Last week my arms hurt so much, I dreaded going to the bathroom because it hurt to pull my pants up.  Anyway, I've been loving the aerial classes I have been taking, and have been thinking about how to physically ramp up my practice since I've been feeling more flexible and stronger than I have in a while.  The studio where I did my TT is offering an acro yoga class next month-so I am jumping on this one!  I have always wanted to do it, and I miss doing acro and circusy things since I stopped going to circus fit a few years ago. 

Aside from that, I've been debating if I should sign up for this 6 week restorative yoga TT, or sign up for a 60 day workout challenge.  Originally I thought I wanted to do the teacher training, because I thought it would help to immerse me back into yoga.  Plus I've always been interested in restorative yoga.  But then I started to think that I would really just like to work on myself, and get really in shape before I go back to the grind with work.  The teacher training is definitely more expensive that the Get Fit Challenge, which is a slight bonus if I decide to go for that, because I won't have an income until June! 

Anyway, this weather is freakish today!  Summer in March? 



  1. I wish I could be that flexible. Saw you on Diana's blog.. Now following! I love the site!

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