Friday, March 9, 2012

Cross Stitch Friday

I am dieing to learn how to stitch!  Lately I have been thinking about my grandmother, and how... ironic, (I am not sure if this is the word I am looking for) it is so many of my hobbies now were things that she did.  My grandmother, who I used to call 'nan' or 'Stell' (because I thought it was hip when I was 9 to call my grandmother by her name), was a lady of many hobbies.  She knit, painted ceramics, designed christmas ornaments, baked awesome cakes and goodies, cross stitched ...  She loved to thrift, and kept everything!  She wasn't a gross hoarder, but she did not like to get rid of things, always wondering if in the future she could use that fabric or extra button.  Partly I think she did this because of the war, being a widow and having 6 kids to look after.  Anyway, back to crafting.  Stell taught me how to knit when I was around 11, and she would also include me in other craft days.  I loved painting ceramics with her, or pulling out the glue gun to make ornaments.  Of course, later on in my teen years I put my crafting days aside, as if they were just a part of growing up.  However, I started to knit again about 8 years ago, when Stitch N Bitch came out, and crafting started to take a different turn.  I was so proud to visit my grandmother who unfortunately at the time was in the hospital, diagnosed with terminal cancer, my knitted projects.  It was like I was saying, 'Here-look what I can do!  Are you proud of me?  I can only do this because you taught me and inspired me to do so.'  I felt like we had a connection, because no one else in the family were really crafty, and Stell and I had spent many hours sitting at the kitchen table working on projects.  So, here I am.  All grown up, but love knitting, sewing, cross stitch ... all the things she used to do!  Of course, I am only decent at knitting, but I hope that the new sewing store that opened up, offers some intro to cross stitch classes.  I might even take some more basic sewing too.  I really need to dust off my sewing machine and put it to use. 


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