Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Hunger Games Hype

I for one and am excited about this movie!  I really enjoyed Hunger Games, I think it was my favourite of the 3 books.  I won't be seeing it for the Thursday midnight show, because it's sold out (and lets be realistic, I tend to fall asleep watching movies any time after 10 pm).  But, I will see it on Friday!

Here is some eye candy until we can actually watch the film.  My favourite is the arrow and moss necklace.  Oh, and the Team Peeta with the loaf of bread makes me chuckle. 

Links:  Moss Necklace, Car Decal, Real or Not Real, Cinna Style, Team Peeta, Black Tee

Enjoy!  and

May the odds be ever in your favour!  



  1. Darn I better read the books before the first film comes out! Everyone is talking about Hunger Games and I'm totally missing out :O

  2. Ahh their all brilliant, I cant wait tp see it, sadly have to wait a bit longer in the UK but have it in the diary for the 3rd April! Cant wait
    Daisy Dayz