Monday, March 5, 2012

Introverted Monday

It is so nice not to have the monday blahs.  To not be thinking about how many days I have to work until the weekend, because 'working for the weekend' is something I definitely do.  Today I made my usual breakfast.  Oatmeal, cut up apples and raspberries, a little maple syrup, with an earl grey tea.  Then, I stayed in my pj's as I checked some blogs I follow, ordered a bag for my new Samsung HMX-Q10 (purchased here on saturday with a special 100 anniversary gift card), and then purged a whole lot of old account statements and bills that I've kept for years.  The sun shone through the window, and all the cats and dogs found places to curl up so they could feel the warmth.  It felt so wonderful not to be surrounded by hoards of people, being stressed out by driving, dealing with awful customers ...  After I organized my papers, I worked out a bit, showered, had some lunch and spent my afternoon reading Scott Westerfeld's The Uglies, and tuning and playing my ukuleles.  Lovely. 

Someone I know posted this video on facebook about 'Introverted People.'  I don't want to summarize that entire talk, but I recommend taking some time to watch it.  It really makes sense (especially if you are introverted and struggle with it in today's society).  I have always been introverted.  Preferring to stay in, read a book, watch a movie, go hiking ...  I start to get antsy if I don't get enough alone time, which some people just don't understand.  I found her thoughts on over-stimulation, and too much emphasis on group work and open office concepts very true. A lot of time I wish I lived in simpler times, without large amounts of technology, instant gratification, and fast methods of transportation.  But alas, I must make do with what has been given to me.  What do you think about the video? (posted under my pics today)

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