Friday, March 23, 2012

Judge Me if You Want

I've titled this post Judge Me If You Want, because it's about this weeks obsession with Pole Dancing!  I know some people think it's smutty, but I view it as an artistic dance.  When I went to Adult Circus Fit a few years ago, I was enamored with aerial silks, trapeze and the lyra.  Then they brought in extremely tall metal poles which they called 'Chinese Poles.'  If you have ever been to Cirque de Soleil, you may have seen some amazing gymnastic looking performances with people running up poles and jumping from pole to pole.  It's incredible!

The past couple of weeks I have been taking classes at a local fitness and pole dancing studio.  I have yet to take a pole class, but after watching some inspirational videos of dancers, I think my mind has been changed.  I have nicknamed the next two months, 'Time to get buff,' because I think I'm going to sign up for their crazy Get Fit Challenge.

Did I ever mention how much I drool over Linda Hamilton in Terminator 2?  Those long lean arms?  Her badass behaviour?  Yeah, she's my idol.  Watch her do those chin ups.

Call it what you want-but you have to admit that you need some incredible strength and flexibility to climb up a pole and do those amazing holds and spins.


  1. so i was scrolling down and when i saw the title on that video I thought it read "Dakota Fanning" no idea why I thought that - probably just saw the name Dakota and decided thats who it should be! I was thinking to myself wow -times must be tough if she is doing an instructional pole dancing video! haha

    i won't judge you! you didn't judge me and my hatred of hollywood movies!

  2. Thanks! Everyone has their own likes and dislikes about things. :)