Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Different Faces

It's been a nostalgic kind of week.  I think it started when I was reading Rookie's article on Fiona Apple.  Music always takes me back to the past.  Like when I think of Fiona Apple, I remember being in high school, always trying to fit into a group, but finding myself connected to many groups, and maybe none at all.  Searching for identity, going from wearing ripped jeans and long johns, to cutting my hair off into a mini Drew Barrymore bob and wearing short skirts, to growing my hair back and wearing the most ugly retro 70's shirts and bug glasses.  It also makes me think of breakups, and awkward dating, first year of college and Titanic.  I can do this with almost every album I own.  I'd thought I'd share some different faces of myself.  Yes, it's the same face, but at different moments in my life.  Most of the pictures are from the past 7 years (from the digital age), but my raver girl photo is probably 10 years old or so.   I love all my faces, but I think I love my present self the most. 

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  1. I love this little glimpse into passed "you's"- isn't it fascinating to remember these times?!