Sunday, March 18, 2012

St Patties Day Weekend

I spent my weekend doing yoga, walking the dogs, drinking jasmine tea (omg how did I forget about this tea!), and working on my blog.  The only thing that was green that I consumed was spinach, and some green sprinkles on my vegan cupcake that I bought at a new local cupcake store.  Here are some images from the weekend!

Vegan cupcake from Sweetness Bakery.

A little green for you!  It's a t-shirt I bought from The Whomping Willow's Site.  If you love Luna Lovegood, you need to order this.  It is a great quality t-shirt, and not too many people will be wearing the same shirt!

My lovely cats in my front window.  There is fresh air coming in, so they are taking in every smell they can.

Oh, and surprise!  I did a little vlog to tell you about my weekend!  Hope you enjoy.  Please ignore my awkwardness. 

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