Friday, March 16, 2012

Vlog Time!

So, about a week ago I sprung for a new camera at Henry's when they were giving away gift cards at the door.  I bought a Samsung Switchgrip HMX-Q10 HD camcorder.  It's pretty basic, because I didn't know if I would use it a lot. 

After a few days of filming myself and groaning over how awkward I am, and then grumbling about window's movie maker, I have an introductory vlog for your enjoyment! 

Ta da!


  1. I am saving up for a yoga teacher training class! You have such a nice voice, haha, I'm sure that sounds strange but I mean it was a genuine compliment. (I hula hoop too but just for fun after I had many arm/hand injuries and was less mobile than I was used to). I'm hoping to jump on the vlog train one of these days... I need a touch more bravery and courage before I can handle that! Not to mention some video editing know-how. Loved your vlog!


    1. Thanks so much! I know, it's strange to listen to your own voice and separate it from yourself. Vlogging definitely takes practice, I have lots of outtakes of me groaning and swearing. lol Good look with yoga TT-I hope you get to do it.