Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Yoga Review: Yin Yoga

Here is another one of my favourite yoga dvd's that I put on when I am at home.  I like to do Yin Yoga to balance out my strenuous, active ashtanga or flow classes.  Yes, it is passive, and no, it isn't easy.  Yin Yoga takes you into passive stretches, where you remain there was a few minutes in order for your body to relax, so you can go further into the pose if space opens up.  It gets into the deep tissue and fascia.  I really like to do Yin poses in a hot room, but it's doable in my living room as well.  If I feel I little chilly, I'll pull out my small electric heater.  There's generally no vinyasa in yin.  This dvd is challenging, and I would recommend it for an intermediate practitioner, or someone who has had a little bit of experience.  However, there are some modifications offered.  Just be mindful not to overstretch.  You can either do the full sequence, which takes about an hour, or you can choose the 'daily sequence' which is about 40 minutes?  I don't think they mention it in the video, but try not to fidget while you're in these poses.  Find your edge, and stay there.  Concentrate on your breathing.  Yin Yoga definitely tests your mind and will power.  It's a meditative practice just as much an asana practice.

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