Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Are You A Nerdfighter?

Are you a Nerdfighter?  Do you know what Nerdfighting is?   If you are new to the concept, no, we are not searching the streets, looking for pastey white gamers, kids with thick glasses, starchy clothes and pocket protectors.  Nerdfighting is fighting with and for all people who have ever been labelled a nerd.  It's a movement that says that Nerds are proud of who and what they are.  As people identify themselves with Nerdfighteria-they also want to address issues and raise awareness (and sometimes money) for causes.

My recent engagement with the Nerdfighting community has been a result out of watching lots and lots of Youtube videos.  Specifically, the Vlogbrothers.  In 2007, Hank and John Green decided to do an experiment, where they would only communicate to one another through video format.  So they opened a Youtube channel and would post to one another through that medium.  Their videos address anything and everything, from the government, music, literature, science, pop culture, video games... And they are usually presented in a fast paced, sometimes 'ranty' style.  To be honest, I find all of their vlogs entertaining.  It doesn't matter what the content is, it's about how they convey the content.  What also helps, is that I could see myself hanging out with these guys and being friends!  They definitely remind me of a lot of friends and people that I have associated with over the years. 

The Vlogbrothers have a huge following, and the followers pride themselves on being 'Nerds.'  Yes-Nerds!  The slogan, or initialism, DFTBA stands for 'Don't Forget To Be Awesome.'  A positive statement to embrace and share.  Keep your eyes open, because one day you may come across these initials and you will recognize the posi movement for Nerds.

Just this week I joined the Nerdfighters community online.  The website allows you to join various groups, such as Doctor Who Nerds, or Introvert Nerds.  Like most forums, it allows you to comment and communicate with others with similar interests.  One thing that I have noticed thus far, is that there hasn't been any negative slamming of one another on the forums.

John Green, is also the author of this book:

The Fault In Our Stars is currently on the New York Times Best Seller's List!  I have never read any of his works, but I plan on picking up a copy of this and giving it a shot.  I love YA novels, so I think this will be down my alley. 

I am only really touching the surface with what these fellows have done.  The Vlogbrothers also have an online record store (DFTBA Records) that promotes Youtubers and their music.  I've actually just purchased a cd last week from them by the Chameleon Circuit- a band from the UK that sings songs about Doctor Who.  Two years ago they formed the popular conference VidCon, which is a convention for Youtubers and online video makers.  VidCon has gone from 1400 people registering to 5000 in three years.

Like I mentioned, these are only some of the things the Vlogbrothers have accomplished.  With this post, I wanted to start spreading the word of Nerdfighters to anyone who may glance at my blog.  I really like promoting people who don't like a conventional life.  People that take risks, that speak out, that do things that most people would want to avoid. 

Let's join forces to increase awesome and decrease suck. 


I'll leave you with my favourite music video of the week.  It's called, "I'm The One That's Cool.'

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