Monday, April 2, 2012

Harold and Maude Re- Release-FYI

"Oh Harold, everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves.
Don't let the world judge you too much" -Maude

Originally released in 1971, Harold and Maude is one of those movies that I say, "You haven't lived until you've watched..."  The premise of the movie is that there is a young man named Harold who is frustrated with life.  He's obsessed with his own death, staging various suicides and accidents, he drives a hearse and attends funerals.  It's at a funeral that he meets 79 year old, eccentric Maude.  Maude opens his eyes to the world, sharing her love for singing, music, nature and seeing individuality amongst crowds of sameness.  I want to be Maude when I'm in my 70's!  Cat Stevens performs most of the soundtrack-it is fabulous!  I don't think you can buy the soundtrack on its own (if you find it-you are one lucky duck!).  But a lot of the songs are on his album Footsteps in the Dark. My favourites are 'If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out' and 'Don't Be Shy.'  I really want to learn these on the uke.  

So, my song to you is that if you haven't seen it-keep your eye out because it's coming out in dvd version in a few months!

Source: via Melissa on Pinterest


  1. Well, Melissa, I hadda do it! LOL! Yours is the 1st blog I followed here in Blogger. I am a lifelong Cat Stevens girl, & my favorite film of all time IS 'Harold And Maude", AND - I love cats. I have 5. So heres to a great move on my part. You are, however, very refined it would seem, & I am unashamedly crass, vulgar, point-on & pull no punches. So beware my blogs if you happen to visit them. LOL! have a great one, darlin'! :)

  2. :) Refined would not be something I would classify myself, but I can see how others would see that with my 'online persona.' I shall look forward to some most sarcastic, vulgar wit on your blog! Thank goodness there's someone else out there that understands Harold and Maude.