Thursday, April 5, 2012

Teeth Bonding and Cosmetic Doubting

So today I did something that I still feel unsure of.  I went and had my upper teeth bonded.  If you don't know what bonding is, it's taking a white putty material and hardening it on the teeth.  In my case, I used it to close the spaces in the upper teeth.  But it can also do other minor cosmetic repairs on your teeth. Right now I'm sitting in limbo-thinking, 'what did I do?'  Was this the right decision?  My previous teeth didn't look too bad?  At least they didn't have some weird synthetic material adhered to them?  My teeth feel a little weird right now, but I think I like how they look.  The entire procedure took about 45 minutes, and didn't involve any needles or anything.  I keep telling myself, 'They're only teeth-it's not like I had something stupid done, like a boob job!  Anyway-here are my before and after pictures.



Is it weird that I miss my old teeth? 

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  1. You got a very impressive result, Melissa! it doesn’t look as if you’ve undergone some procedures. Those are perfect! And how I wish I had your smile!

    Ted Grimmer