Monday, April 16, 2012

Toronto Comic Con-Wizard World (and other nerdliness)

It just so happened that I won a pair of weekend passes for Toronto Comic Con!  Thank you Sexy Nerd Girl and Guy.  This happened on Saturday morning, so our weekend plans quickly changed.  I've only been to a Comic Con once before, and I walked away from it feeling a little cynical.  However, a part of me really wanted to enjoy it!  There was one moment at my first Comic Con, where we were waiting in line for tickets, and someone who was also waiting was yelling, "These are MY people!  These are My people!"  Of course, I totally understood. 

The problem with Comic Con for a newby, is that you don't really know what to expect.  When I first went, I was blown away by the vendors!  I couldn't understand why I had to pay money to get in, to pay more money to buy things, and then even more money to pay people for their autographs.  There was so many people there that I felt suffocated and anxious, and I didn't know what to do.  I had seen Linda Hamilton (my hero), but was shocked to discover I had to pay her money to get an autograph (and also pay money to buy a head shot).  I'm a little bummed I did not get it.  So, after this Comic Con, I have yet to return to another.  But after winning tickets-I couldn't pass up the opportunity. 

How To Have A Successful Day At Comic Con

  1. Arrive early.  This way you can see the schedule and see if there are any panels you would like to attend.  I ended up missing the Vampire Diaries and Doctor Who panels this weekend-but I know for next time that I will in fact get there early in case there's something amazing I would like to see.
  2. Have a basic agenda.  I knew before I went that I wanted to visit Sexy Nerd Girl to thank her for the tickets.  I also wanted to see the model of the Cabin, from 'Cabin in the Woods,' try to catch a of glimpse of Paul Wesley, and find the Doctor Who Fanclub.  
  3.  Be prepared to spend money!  If you want that autograph-you gotta pay.  
  4. Try to socialize with strangers, as uncomfortable that may be for us introverts.  I made it my goal to talk to Sexy Nerd Girl, because I love her youtube videos and wanted to meet her.  Also, I happened to meet a lovely vendor who could talk for hours about fandoms, and specifically Supernatural.  We also located the Doctor Who Society, and I chatted them up about their club.  
  5. Represent your fandom!  I wore my Doctor Who t-shirt, and people recognized what the image was!  Whereas I have worn it countless times before, and people give me a funny look and ask me why I have a gas mask on my shirt.  But, if you're willing to dress up-go for it!  It is the place to do it.  I'm hoping to have my Doctor Who Scarf ready for August for Comic Con Fan Expo.  
It's pretty cool to go to a place where you are bound to run into someone who has the same interests as you and shares your enthusiasm. 


  1. Hey there! Yes, all of those tips are very good for getting the most out of a convention. Being able to adapt when there are problems with your agenda is very good too. I remember at Fan Expo 2010, I wanted to go back up to the autograph area to get signatures from Felicia Day, James Marsters, and Tahmoh Pennikett - but the building was overcrowded and they were only sending the people who wanted to go up the escalators up one at a time.

    I decided not to keep waiting and stayed downstairs, attending more Q&A sessions. Eventually, I got autographs from all three - at DragonCon 2011! :)

    And boo for using annoying captchas to make me prove I'm human. :(

  2. Thanks for mentioning the captchas-didn't realize I had it turned on. Perhaps that happened when they upgraded the page lately. Anyway-I hate it too and turned it off.