Sunday, September 23, 2012

18 Weeks Pregnant


Shin splints started on tuesday and continued until yesterday (sat).  My shins feel better today, probably because I haven't been on my feet all day. 

Swollen belly and inability to eat a lot.  On friday at work my belly seemed to triple in size, and my skin felt really tight and uncomfortable.  I am not sure if my stomach was pushed up, thus leaving less space for food and beverage? 

Baby movements have begun slightly.  They feel like a fish darting around, like when you buy a fish at the pet store and they place it in a little baggie with water. 

Weight Gain:  Not too sure.  At my last midwifes appointment I had gained 2 pounds (125). 

Sleep:  Not too bad.  My hips get sore at night because I sleep on my sides now with the aid of my snoogle pillow.  I have to switch sides often. 

Work and Pregnancy:  The last two weeks I have spent 70 hours on my feet-that's standing all day long.  My feet get very sore and tired, and I don't have a lot of energy when I get home.  I still have not had any Health and Safety assessment of my job since I handed in my Work Modification letter 4-5 weeks ago to HR.  I'm pretty much doing the same work as every one else, minus lifting 80 pound boxes. 

Things Not To Say To A Pregnant Woman:  "Wow!  You're going to get big!"  "When are you going to get married?"

Thoughts:  I feel a little down on myself that I am not doing a lot outside of work.  I usually like to fill my schedule with yoga and exercise classes, music events, ukulele lessons, etc...  But working and being pregnant leave me pretty exhausted. 

Things I Am Looking Forward To:  Oct 1rst is my anatomy/gender scan! 

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