Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 22

Symptoms:  Nipples still leaking.  Definite expansion of the tummy!  Peeing a lot (like one night this past week I peed 4 times during the night-ugh!).

Cravings:  I don't know if I'd call them cravings, but I really like dark chocolate covered almonds and soy lattes right now.  Generally things with sugar in it.

Dr Apt:  On Thursday I had the holter heart monitor put on and wore it until Friday afternoon.  Results should come back in 2 weeks, and I'm expecting them to be perfect!  I'll be seeing my midwife next week.

Yesterday:  Had my hair cut and bought 2 new shirts from Fairweather to act as maternity shirts.  They were only 15 dollars each.

This week:  Finally have my health and safety meeting with HR, my boss, and the union to discuss work accomodations (because I am pregnant).  My accomodation letter was submitted 2 months ago!

Contemplating:  Gender Reveal/Shower party options.  Maybe we should have a shower in Jan, after Vytas's parents return and Christmas is over.  This way people might be able to find some good deals.  We could always have a small gender reveal with parents (and cake or cupcakes with gender coloured icing) before Christmas.

Highlight of the Week:  Lots of baby movement!  Vytas can feel the baby move from the outside now.  He talks to the baby at night to cox it to move. 

Week 21

Symptoms:  Right nipple leaked a tiny bit on my shirt.

Dr. Follow Up:  IPS (integrated prenatal screening) is fine!  Dr. said that the person who read my ultrasound is an excellent doctor.  Also, that cysts in the ultrasound have been plagueing obstectrics for the past 15 years, because before that time the technology wasn't good enough to pick up cysts.  Now, they see these cysts, which are only a concern 1% of the time and usually they go away. 

Unfortunately I have to wear the holter heart monitor again for 24 hours because my midwife wants to be reassured that I will not need special medical attention during labour.  Sigh.  Wish I never mentioned that I had to where one-like 4 years ago! 

Home Birth Session:  More on this later, but we attended a home birth session at the Midwife centre and decided to have a home birth!  There were about 3 other couples there, 2 which were on to their 2nd baby and were not happy with their hospital expereinces.  We got to meet my 2nd midwife (she did the talk), and felt very comfortable with our decision.  Now... how to calm the parents... 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Half Way There! 20 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms:  I had three days of headaches in the past week.  Still cannot consume a lot of food due to limited space in stomach.  Feel constipated.  I have some sciatic pain at night in my right butt, which means I turn a lot from side to side trying to get the pain out.  Can feel the baby move often. 

Midwives Apt:  Weight was 129 (gained 6 pounds).  Starting to gain 1 pound per week now.  Baby's heartbeat was 152, could hear it move around a lot with the doppler. 

Got some results back from my doctor.  The IPS testing was o.k.  No downs syndrom, however the midwife had to tell me about the 'soft marker' that the ultrasound tech noted.  Apparently it is a sign of genetic issues, however, the cysts that they saw in the brain were so small that they didn't even make the required 3 mm measurement to be noted a concern.  Despite that, I was still angry and not happy about being told that there could have potentionally been a problem.  Seriously-there's enough to worry about!  I also had an anatomy scan the day before, and the tech at that point said there was nothing to worry about and she was forwarding those results to the midwife that week.  I think the IPS scan was done in week 12, and the midwife still had not got my 2nd set of bloodwork back yet, but she said not to worry about anything.  She's also waiting ot get a signed letter from my doctor stating that my heart condition (which isn't really a condition-it's a premature heartbeat) will not be a factor during labour.

Home Birth vs Hospital:  The debate is still going on.  We're attending an info session this week at the midwifery centre.  We also signed up for 6 weeks of prenatal classes at a doula centre.  It's designed for natural birth, attachment parenting, and all those hippie things I enjoy.  :)

Shopping:  I finally got some maternity pants at Thyme Maternity.  They were expensive-but totally worth it.  I think I might get a 2nd pair, and just wear them to death.  I also got a sweater, a baby item at H&M, and a Harry Potter throw blanket and pillow case for the nursery.

DIY:  I plan on making my own owl mobile, and to knit hats and booties (still looking for some good patterns).

Baby's Gender:  Okay, so we know the gender and we've been going over names, but nothing for sure yet! 

Monday, October 8, 2012

Week 19 Of Pregnancy

Symptoms:  Feeling pretty good this week.  I've gone back to eating salads for lunch the past 2 weeks, which means my nausea is gone.  I do get uncomfortable after eating/drinking sometimes and still find that I cannot consume as much.  I also have a major sweet tooth.

Work:  Was able to sit down at work, which improved my day immensly!  Felt much less fatigued when I got home every day.

Life Planning:  Paid off part of my remaining student loan, and increased my monthly payments (to a stupidly high amount), so I will be debt free in 10 months.   Screw you Osap.

First Baby Dream:  In my dream I was vacationing with the baby (who was a girl in the dream), and I could not for the life of me put a diaper on her.  So I ended up holding her over the toilet to pee and kept getting peed on. 

Highlight of the Week:  I made it to a yoga class at the studio.  It was a flow 1 (1 hour and 15 minutes).  Still have sore hamstrings and arms, but felt good during it.  I had to modify a bit, mostly during sun saluations to make room for my belly (there's a 9 inch baby in there!).  Going to attempt to go to class once a week. 

Books:  Finished Reading Mayim Bialek's Beyond the Sling.  It's basically about how she took the principles of attachment parenting (ie.  breast feeding, baby wearing, co-sleeping) and made it work for herself.  I might do a review on this more in depth soon.  I'd recommend it to anyone that is completely new to attachment parenting. 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Cloth Diapers

One of the decisions that was a no-brainer as an expectant mom to be, was to cloth diaper.  I've been researching it for a while, and yes, it seems a little more involved than disposables, but poop and extra laundry don't scare me.  I've read lots of blogs and watched lots of vlogs with new cloth diapering moms, and they made it work.  They might have had some learning curves as to which diapers worked for them, but they didn't have any major complaints.  I have already started a cloth diaper stash, and have been taking their advice and have been purchasing small amounts of different brands to see what will work with our baby.  I wanted to share this one etsy seller that I came across.  She has the most amazing looking cloth diapers!  I definitely need a few fun ones for our little one.  Plus, one of my favourite youtubers has done a review on them and recommends the diapers as well. 

Take a look!

Visit the Etsy shop HERE!