Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Half Way There! 20 Weeks Pregnant

Symptoms:  I had three days of headaches in the past week.  Still cannot consume a lot of food due to limited space in stomach.  Feel constipated.  I have some sciatic pain at night in my right butt, which means I turn a lot from side to side trying to get the pain out.  Can feel the baby move often. 

Midwives Apt:  Weight was 129 (gained 6 pounds).  Starting to gain 1 pound per week now.  Baby's heartbeat was 152, could hear it move around a lot with the doppler. 

Got some results back from my doctor.  The IPS testing was o.k.  No downs syndrom, however the midwife had to tell me about the 'soft marker' that the ultrasound tech noted.  Apparently it is a sign of genetic issues, however, the cysts that they saw in the brain were so small that they didn't even make the required 3 mm measurement to be noted a concern.  Despite that, I was still angry and not happy about being told that there could have potentionally been a problem.  Seriously-there's enough to worry about!  I also had an anatomy scan the day before, and the tech at that point said there was nothing to worry about and she was forwarding those results to the midwife that week.  I think the IPS scan was done in week 12, and the midwife still had not got my 2nd set of bloodwork back yet, but she said not to worry about anything.  She's also waiting ot get a signed letter from my doctor stating that my heart condition (which isn't really a condition-it's a premature heartbeat) will not be a factor during labour.

Home Birth vs Hospital:  The debate is still going on.  We're attending an info session this week at the midwifery centre.  We also signed up for 6 weeks of prenatal classes at a doula centre.  It's designed for natural birth, attachment parenting, and all those hippie things I enjoy.  :)

Shopping:  I finally got some maternity pants at Thyme Maternity.  They were expensive-but totally worth it.  I think I might get a 2nd pair, and just wear them to death.  I also got a sweater, a baby item at H&M, and a Harry Potter throw blanket and pillow case for the nursery.

DIY:  I plan on making my own owl mobile, and to knit hats and booties (still looking for some good patterns).

Baby's Gender:  Okay, so we know the gender and we've been going over names, but nothing for sure yet! 

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  1. You are looking so great!! And, I can't believe you are already half way there!!