Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 21

Symptoms:  Right nipple leaked a tiny bit on my shirt.

Dr. Follow Up:  IPS (integrated prenatal screening) is fine!  Dr. said that the person who read my ultrasound is an excellent doctor.  Also, that cysts in the ultrasound have been plagueing obstectrics for the past 15 years, because before that time the technology wasn't good enough to pick up cysts.  Now, they see these cysts, which are only a concern 1% of the time and usually they go away. 

Unfortunately I have to wear the holter heart monitor again for 24 hours because my midwife wants to be reassured that I will not need special medical attention during labour.  Sigh.  Wish I never mentioned that I had to where one-like 4 years ago! 

Home Birth Session:  More on this later, but we attended a home birth session at the Midwife centre and decided to have a home birth!  There were about 3 other couples there, 2 which were on to their 2nd baby and were not happy with their hospital expereinces.  We got to meet my 2nd midwife (she did the talk), and felt very comfortable with our decision.  Now... how to calm the parents... 

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