Monday, October 22, 2012

Week 22

Symptoms:  Nipples still leaking.  Definite expansion of the tummy!  Peeing a lot (like one night this past week I peed 4 times during the night-ugh!).

Cravings:  I don't know if I'd call them cravings, but I really like dark chocolate covered almonds and soy lattes right now.  Generally things with sugar in it.

Dr Apt:  On Thursday I had the holter heart monitor put on and wore it until Friday afternoon.  Results should come back in 2 weeks, and I'm expecting them to be perfect!  I'll be seeing my midwife next week.

Yesterday:  Had my hair cut and bought 2 new shirts from Fairweather to act as maternity shirts.  They were only 15 dollars each.

This week:  Finally have my health and safety meeting with HR, my boss, and the union to discuss work accomodations (because I am pregnant).  My accomodation letter was submitted 2 months ago!

Contemplating:  Gender Reveal/Shower party options.  Maybe we should have a shower in Jan, after Vytas's parents return and Christmas is over.  This way people might be able to find some good deals.  We could always have a small gender reveal with parents (and cake or cupcakes with gender coloured icing) before Christmas.

Highlight of the Week:  Lots of baby movement!  Vytas can feel the baby move from the outside now.  He talks to the baby at night to cox it to move. 

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