Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 24

Midwives Appointment-

Stats:  heartbeat 135, measuring 23 inches pelvis to belly button, 133 pounds (gained 10 pounds), baby laying sideways.  The midwife felt the baby for the first time, trying to locate its position.  Not the most comfortable feeling. 

Midwife asked if I would like to participate in an experimental prenatal group based off the model 'centering pregnancy.'  Basically, the idea behind it is to faciliate learning and discussion at every checkup with other pregnant women who are due around the same time you are.  This model is used in the states, and has been successful in Vancouver.  I think it will be interesting, because it allows you to learn from other women.  They might bring up questions or concerns that you might not have thought about. 

Gestational Diabetes Testing:  I decided to turn down the optional testing.  I am not in a high risk category for it, and don't show any signs.  So happy not to be doing the test!!

Prenatal Class: 

On friday from 7-9:30 we went to our first prenatal class that is taught by a doula.  There were 6 couples there, 3 thinking about home births, 2 delivering at the hospital that I chose as my backup hospital, and only 1 had an OBGYN (the rest have midwives).  One woman was on the same waiting list as me at a different midwifery centre for weeks, so there is definitely a high demand for midwives.  I feel very lucky to have found one!

As I mentioned, the teacher is a doula and has 6 kids of her own!  She appears very well versed in birthing matters.  What I took out of the first class is that you want to assist your baby into an anterior birthing position (baby's back to your stomach).  Things that can help with this are squatting, being on all fours, sleeping on your side.  Basically avoiding being on your back.

Prenatal class encouraged me to pump up my pilates birthing ball, and to do more yoga in order to be prepared for labour.  I also want to do more breathing exercises.  Nothing complicated, just deep, smooth conscious counted breaths. 

Highlights of the Week:  Baby movement!  I can now see movement from the outside of my stomach.

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