Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 25

Symptoms:  Healthy hair.  Fast growing nails.  Sore back.  Aches and pains in torso.  Vertebra cracking when I move.

Cravings:  Sugar!  Sweet things galore.

Work:  HR is refusing my medical testamony from my midwife.  Now asking me to get the documentation from a physician-just so I don't have to lift really heavy boxes or stand for 40 hours a week.  Please!

Highlights:  So much movement!  Can see kicking from outside the belly.

Prenatal Class:  Reviewed 3 stages of labour, and went into depth about comfort measure techniques.  Seating and standing poses for labour with your partner, and various massage techniques.  There are definitely some items I would like to buy for my labour.  Like essential oils (peppermint and lavender which I already have), tennis balls for massage, and a wooden back massager.

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