Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 26

Symptoms:  Baby is jabbing me sharply in the cervix!  Back pain, charlie horses every morning, acne on thighs, and clumsiness has set in.

Cravings:  Dried bananes, kale chips.  Trying to eat/drink healthier items like coconut water (ugh-why does it taste so bad), and sunflower pate sandwhiches.

Work:  Feeling really tired.  3rd week of standing for 40 hours a week.  Submitted paperwork to my family doctor for accommodation.  One nice girl at work asked if I needed help when I was bending down to pick something up. 

Highlights:  Still kicking hard!  Thought I maybe felt the baby's head with my hand.

Prenatal Class:  We learned all about interventions, like epidurals, morphine, gas and the use of the Tens machine.  Basically the better pain relief you receive, the higher risk of further interventions.  For example, if you get an epidural you could end up having a cathetar, IV, spinal fluid could leak out resulting in months of headaches, your labour slows down which puts you at risk for a c-section. 

Weekly Buys:  Raw coco butter for my tummy. 

Links:  Birth Markings  Watch this video on how birth changes your body and what it means to different women.  Very empowering! 

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