Thursday, December 6, 2012

Week 27

Symptoms:  Tiredness, back pain, nausea.

Cravings:  Ginger bread, dark chocolate

Diet:  I've also been including molasses and red raspberry leaf tea in the diet (to tone the uterus).  I'm not a huge fan of molasses, but it's high in calcium and iron. 

Midwives Apt:  Here are some stats- weight 138.8, up 15 pounds in total.  Heartbeat 145-150, baby is head down.

Community Prenatal Class: (2 hours)  There was only 1 other pregnant person there aside from me!  They hope that next time we will have a group of 4-5 women.  There were also 3 midwives, 2 nursing students, 1 midwifery student, and 1 notetaker.  We talked a lot about nutrition/diet and completed a quiz.  I learned that the midwives think that most herbal teas are fine to consume during pregnancy, because we drink them in low doses.  So I can start drinking chamomile and echinacea again!  Our next meetup is in 4 weeks, and a physiotherapist is attending.  We are going to discuss discomforts in the body. 

Friday Prenatal:  We had 3 hours of discussion on vit k, proph. eye drops, circumcision and vaccines.  So much to think about, especially when it comes to vaccines.  There was also a lot of reinforcement to 'own your baby' if you deliver at a hospital.  Don't let doctors or nurses talk you in or out of things you want.  ie:  If you want skin to skin immediately after delivery, then they should let you! 

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