Thursday, January 10, 2013

Baby Gender/Sex Reveal Party

It's a...  GIRL!!  
So back in early December we finally had a small gender (or for more accuracy, sex) reveal party for our little one.  Although we knew way back in early October what the sex was, we decided to wait until Vytas's parents returned from their worldly travels to tell them in person.  We had just a few close family members over, and ordered some chinese food for lunch.  I brought over some vanilla vegan cupcakes that I ordered from a local bakery (they were delicious!), that they filled with pink icing.  My cousin was overjoyed when she tore into hers before everyone else, thinking she heard me say 'go!'  She's been willing the baby to be a female for months, and has even named her Penelope (which isn't the name we've chosen).   


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