Tuesday, January 15, 2013

My Baby Shower

This weekend I had my baby shower. It was hosted by one of my cousins, who put so much effort and work into it I was blown away! She made me a diaper cake (of organic disposables), vegan baby cupcakes (check out those faces she made!), vegan chocolate banana loaf, lemon cake, veggie quinoa chilli, quiche, sandwiches, veggies and dip... Wow! She planned two short games for the shower, one was guess the amount of diapers in the cake, and the other was guess the baby item in the paper bags. She had little peony flowers to give away at the end to all the guests with pink chocolate kisses done up with pink safety pins... Amazing! I received a lot of items, mostly clothes, and everyone brought me a book which they were to sign for the baby instead of giving a card. So we now have a small little library started for our girl! The day was a little overwhelming, seeing so many people and trying to open so many wonderful gifts in a timely manner while being appreciative to everyone who took the time to come and give us something. I definitely felt over stimulated when I got home that night.  It was really a special day. Even my dad said he felt sentimental afterwords, because he was thinking of my grandma who is deceased.  She loved children and a lot of us had a special close bond with her. It would have been so wonderful to have had her there with us.  The picture underneath was the first present I opened-it was a copy of 'Are You My Mother,' from my dad.  The book represents my dad's personality to a tee-and his little inscription inside made me a little teary the following day. 
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