Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Years Intentions and Reflections

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So, it's that time of year again.  Except this year, it feels different.  I spent my New Year's Eve eating some delicious  indian food at a local restaurant, and hopping into bed before 11 pm.  I realize that with my soon-to-be motherhood that there will be life changing routines and decisions that will happen shortly.  Also, there will be limitations to what I will be able to accomplish.  I'm not being pessimistic, but rather realistic in my outlook.  International vacationing time, extracurricular courses, and intense yoga practices will most likely be put on hold for a little while.  That's not to say that these things cannot be done on a smaller scale.  I thought I would use this time to reflect on the past year, and set some intentions for 2013.

To put it simply, last year seemed to involve way too much 'in my head' time, and I would love to reconnect with my body and environment.  Seeing that I will be on maternity leave starting mid-February 2013 until the end of May 2014, I will have a lot of 'me' time (and baby of course!).  2012 involved a lot of external conflicts and negative influences.  In other words, my daily working conditions really affected my spirit and also my energy levels to pursue other things that I love.  Often I felt like I was holding onto a thread, working to live, to pay bills, to support my maternity leave, but I was left drained and feeling helpless at so many moments.  I kept telling myself to hold on, because it wouldn't be too much longer until I would be away from that environment and sitting at home with my little daughter.  It seemed wrong on so many levels to push through the negative treatment in order to be able to take maternity leave, but at the same time it also felt like the easiest and most viable solution.  I know that I should be pursuing something that inspires me, and that allows me to be creative and share my love of interests to others, but that icky money factor always enters into the decision making. 

So what are my intentions for this year?  There are so many things that I am looking forward to.  So many unknowns.  I know motherhood will have its challenges, but I am looking forward to everything that it entails.  I need to be healthy, both mentally and physically for my daughter.  I want to be the best role model that I can be.  I understand, and full-heartedly accept that I will not be perfect, but there's nothing wrong with striving to improve.  Here are some intentions for this year:

2013 Intentions for Motherhood
1.  To be present and make healthy, logical decisions during my labour and delivery.
2.  To breastfeed exclusively for at least 6 months.
3.  Spend as much time connecting as a family.
4.  Take time to experience motherhood and my baby's milestones.
5.  Exclusively cloth diaper.

2013 Personal Goals/Intentions
1.  To post a blog and vlog once a week.
2.  Post-delivery:  To attend a yoga class at a studio once a week.
3.  Continue my personal yoga practice at home.
4.  Go on as many daily walks as possible and connect with nature.
5.  Purchase as much organic and local produce as possible.
6.  Pay off my student loans (this will happen this year!)
7.  Take more pictures!
8.  Join a mommy type group (ie. yoga baby/mama classes)

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