Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pregnancy Comforts

Here are some various things that have become a comfort necessity throughout my pregnancy.

The first is a Mexican Bola charm. I've actually owned one since I was 15! (I had to have one after seeing Brenda from 90210 sporting it with a hippie boho outfit). I wear mine almost every day. I find it reminds me of my connection and relationship to my little one in my belly. The idea is that your baby hears the bell chimes in your tummy, and when he/she is born they recognize the sound and feel comfort.
Next is dark chocolate covered almonds. Can't live without them.
Maternity jeans eventually became a necessity-and I love them! Thyme Maternity has some really nice pants. They're comfortable, practical, and they look stylish! I only have 3 pairs of pants that I generally rotate, but I think everyone should have these in their wardrobe.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
Stretch mark creams! Yes, we all hope to fend off the battle scars with magical creams. I've already told myself that I will not care if I get them, because it represents life and love. However, I still like to lather my tummy like no tomorrow. My favourite has been this butter by Now. It's a raw cocoa butter, solid in nature, food grade, that I melt and rub on. It smells like chocolate and is very moisturizing.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest
This Third Trimester Tea is a fairly new drink I've been indulging in. It's very tastey because it contains other leaves aside from Raspberry Leaf. I've been trying to drink at least one cup a day, and am working my way up to drinking a more potent version of it in a few weeks.
Seriously, I've never loved my pilates ball more than now! This picture shows one of three of my favourite positions during pregnancy. This is one of the only positions that has eased my upper back pain.
I purchased the Snoogle Pillow early on in my pregnancy, and I could not imagine sleeping without it. I rotate during the night on both of my sides, and it helps me to get into a managable position. Definitely recommended.
Source: via Melissa on Pinterest

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