Friday, January 11, 2013

Week 32 Pregnancy

Yeah, okay. Week 32 was 2 weeks ago. But I have pictures with my belly stickers for it!

Symptoms: On and off back pain. Pins and needles under left breast that comes and goes. Fatigue. Sleep is terrible! The other night I peed 5X! I've always had bad insomnia, so it has tripled now with my pregnancy insomnia. I'm worried about how I am going to cope with work, being so sleep deprived. I'm also out of breath because baby girls legs are taking up a lot of room in there.

Baby Movements: Tons of movements. We can actually feel her foot pressing into my side, and we push it to make her push back.

Baby Buys: Three organic onesies that were on sale for boxing day. Prepping: For the past 2 days we've been organizing and cleaning the room that will be the babies. My baby shower is coming up soon! Hopefully we have furniture soon and a few more supplies. I want to start washing her clothes, prepping cloth diapers, and put together my emergency hospital bag soon.

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