Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Week 34 Pregnancy

Symptoms:  Insomnia, night sweats, waking up during the night and feeling 'off,' hemorrhoids.

Cravings:  Eating lots of grapes.  I've had to be creative in my meal planning, because for 2 weeks I am working at a different location for work and I am out of the house from 10:30-8 pm, which makes eating a little odd.  I've been bringing a thermous of soup to work every day, along with grapes, herbal teas (and my own kettle), dried bananas, hummous and veggies/crackers, and dark chocolate covered almonds.

Baby Movement:  Still reporting lots of movement and baby hiccups!  I counted 80 consecutive hiccups the other day.  Poor girl.  She was getting frustrated and started kicking and punching my innards.

Baby Shower:  See post below.  I had my shower on the weekend and it was wonderful.  One thing I didn't mention in the post below was that during the shower I got really, really hot and sweaty.  I didn't want to hug anyone at the end because I was so moist.  Ugh.  I also had cramps after the shower, and had to use the heating pad at home.  They went away by the next morning, but lasted longer than I would have liked.

Prenatal Class Update:  I received a few emails this week from 3 couples from prenatal who have had their babies!  There were only 6 of us in the group, so the count down is on!  (I have the latest due date at Feb 20th).  2 out of the 3 tried for homebirths.  However, one couple had meconium in the water and had to transfer.  She still ended up delivering naturally though with no complications.  The 2nd couple laboured at home for 12 hours or so, then transferred.  She ended up having an epidural, then a c-section was decided upon because the baby was just not descending properly into the pelvis.  The third couple planned on delivering in the hospital, and also had a c-section because the baby's cord was wrapped around its head and body.  But they all seemed really positive about their experiences, and felt that they made informed decisions rather than being bullied by a medical team. 

Midwives Apts:  I have one this week, and then they continue every week until delivery!  What!?

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