Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Birth Plan for Home Birth and other Possibilities

Personal Information: Melissa and V are having their first baby. It is important to them that they try to deliver naturally, in their own home. Both enjoy living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle that involves organic foods, as well as vegan and vegetarian choices. They like to practice yoga, travel, and love the company of animals.

Birth Support Team: V (fiance), C [midwife], J [midwife], L [doula], M [backup doula]

First Stage
-I would like to be encouraged to move and change positions during labour.
-I may need reminding to breathe during contractions and would like encouragement to do so.
-I want to stay mobile as much as possible during labour (ability to walk around). If I am admitted to a hospital, I would like to discourage being hooked up to IV, fetal monitor etc...
-I would like to have minimal vaginal exams.
-I would like only the midwife (s), doula, V and midwifery student present during home birth. I would prefer not to have any medical students present if I am transferred to deliver in a hospital (exception-midwifery student).
-I would like a low-key, quiet environment with low lights and only the above people present if possible.
-I would like to be encouraged to eat and drink throughout my labour.

Pain Medication
-I would prefer to labour without any pain medication, however if it is needed at home I am accepting of saline injections.
-I do not want any morphine, gas, demerol, stadol or nubain administered.
-If I am admitted to a hospital and the midwife believes an epidural would be critical for delivery, both Melissa and V would like to make the decision together. I do not want an epidural mixed with any narcotics.

Second Stage
-I would like to labour/deliver in a more vertical position. ie) Birthing stool, hands and knees or in the water.
-I may not like to be touched during contractions/painful moments and would appreciate it if people would ask if I wanted certain comfort touches.
-I would rather risk a tear to the perineum than have an episiotomy, and would like assistance if possible to avoid an episiotomy or tear (ie. warm cloths).
-We would like photos and possibly video taken during the birth.
-I would like the baby to be placed on my chest immediately on my chest (if possible) after birth to support bonding and breast feeding.
-We would like to prolong cord cutting as long as possible, and V would like to cut the cord if possible.
-We would like to prolong the eye drops as long as possible (until baby is sleeping).
-We consent to the Vit K shot.
-I consent to the oxytocin shot post-delivery to assist with bleeding.
-We would appreciate as much breast feeding support as possible.
-We would like to see the placenta after it is delivered and we plan on keeping it (possibly for encapsulation or planting in the garden in the summer).
-I do not want any guests immediately after the birth, we believe the first hour after delivery is important to bond with the baby.

In Case of C-Section
-Do not want a general anaesthetic (possible baby may have malignant hyperthermia).
-I would like V to be present in the room with me during the procedure.
-If possible, we would like to take photos/video (not of the actual procedure) but when the baby is delivered. 
-I would like to attempt skin-to-skin after the operation, if this is not possible, we would like V to be able to place the baby against his skin/chest.
-We would like to prolong the eye drops as long as possible (until baby is sleeping).
-We still want to keep the placenta.
-If baby is required to leave the room, I would like V to go with the baby if possible, and the doula to remain with me if possible.
-We do not want the baby to have any formula or pacifiers.

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